Some people join the International Game Developers Association simply for the intangible benefit of supporting the mission of the organization exness, while others join to gain a specific discount or benefit. Whichever the case, as an IGDA member you are entitled to a wide range of tangible benefits važna web stranica.

We are always working to expand this list and provide more value for your membership. Do you have an idea for a benefit you’d like us to provide? We welcome any suggestions you may have – please contact us with your ideas!

Unless otherwise noted, these benefits are available to all IGDA members worldwide.

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IGDA members can typically save 10-25% (and sometimes more!) on passes to a wide variety of many major industry events around the world. Discounts for 2013 included GDC events (GDC, GDC China, GDC Europe and GDC Next), Cloud Gaming, D.I.C.E. USD.I.C.E. Europe, IndieCade, MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit), Nordic GamePower of Play and more!


  • CRC Press: A 25% discount on game development books.
  • A 25% discount on set-up costs for a merchandise storefront for your games.
  • Focal Press: A 20% discount on all books.
  • Funnke: A US$1,500 free advertising credit and associated benefits for monetizing games in Latin America.
  • Game Guzzler: Get your jobs listed quickly, and/or hunt for job openings.
  • GDC Vault: A 10% discount on an individual subscription.
  • Grantoo: Get your game and/or event partnered with Fortune 500 companies to benefit charities, including the IGDA Foundation.
  • Microsoft BizSpark: Members receive fast track access to this global program with great software and business benefits.
  • MIT Press: A 20% discount on all printed books.
  • Pearson Publishing: A 35% discount on printed books and 45% discount on all e-books exness thailand.
  • WhoActually: Members can report their industry credits accurately and publicly.

Crowdfunding/Indie Developers

  • Amazon: Coming soon! The IGDA will have its own Indie storefront for IGDA member-produced games.
  • Indiegogo: Member projects can be submitted for highlighting on the IGDA’s curated projects page.
  • Kickstarter: Member projects can be submitted for highlighting on the IGDA’s curated projects page.

Insurance (currently U.S. only)

  • Health insurance: The IGDA provides group insurance rates through our partner Association Pros – not only for health insurance but also the following:
    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Income
    • Professional Liability Insurance
    • And more


  • DeVry University: 10% tuition discount at all DeVry locations (mostly in North America); the tuition discount also applies to distance learning and online courses for those outside the U.S.

Immigration (non-U.S. members only)

  • O-1/H-1B Visa Support Letters: The IGDA is designated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as the official consulting agency and recognized peer group to be utilized in connection with O-1 extraordinary ability visas and H-1B visas for professionals in the video game industry exness th. For IGDA members seeking jobs in the U.S., the IGDA will provide letters of support in association with these visa applications.



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